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King Unique is Matt Thomas, an all round studio junkie and dj with a taste for tripped-out cosmic techno and rough-edged underground house; in a career spanning nearly a decade KU’s distinctive sound has won an enviable global following. A ceaseless schedule of dj sets and festival gigs backed up by relentless studio sessions resulting in scores of records, remixes and radio broadcasts has made the KU sound an instantly recognizable part of the music-life of millions of the world’s clubbers - and a fixture in the vinyl crates, cd wallets and laptops of the world’s most influential djs. Consistently appealing across genres the tracks have been played by everyone from John Digweed to Soulwax, Richie Hawtin to Tiesto, and have turned up everywhere from Hollywood soundtracks to mobile ringtones - not to mention countless compilations and mix albums. 

Formed in 2001 by Matt Thomas & Matthew Roberts, King Unique hit the floor running, claiming the title of Undisputed Remix Champs by scoring five Essential New Tunes in five months on Pete Tong's "Essential Selection" Radio 1 show. A US Billboard Dance Chart number 1 for the remix of Dirty Vegas’ “Walk Into The Sun”, plus two more solo Essential New Tunes for Matt under his Watkins and Mainframe alter-egos saw KU firmly cement their place amongst the ranks of first-call remixers. The King Unique production touch has been in constant demand since, appearing on more than sixty remixes and yielding some of the biggest dance floor bombs known to man - Underworld's "Two Months Off", The Killers "Somebody Told Me", Planet Funk’s “The Switch”, Luke Slater "Feels Like Love", and Tracey Thorn’s "Grand Canyon".

2006 saw the end of the original duo’s studio partnership, as Matt Thomas took on the King Unique role as a solo artist. The four years since have seen the KU sound rise to new heights with a mixture of euphoric acidic melodies, dark brooding techno vibes and old skool beats. This new 'cosmic techno' has found it's home on John Digweed's Bedrock label with the release of "2000000 Suns" and the KU / Anthony Pappa collaboration “Vamoosh”. Backing up the new material have been remixes of John Digweed’s “Bilder”, Hernan Cattaneo’s “Teleport”, Fergie’s “PCP” and an on-going association with James Lavelle’s UNKLE project that has so far resulted in five stunning re-workings; “Heaven”, "Heavy Drug", “The Answer”, “Reign feat. Ian Brown” & “Rabbit In Your Headlights feat. Thom Yorke” - all adding up to reaffirm Matt's status as one of the most versatile and consistent producers of the last ten years.

The renowned King Unique dj set has made KU a regular addition to the line up of some of the world's most respected clubs and biggest festivals, playing everywhere from ultra-hip blacked-out sweat boxes in Tokyo to euphoric crowds of thousands on the tropical beaches of Madeira. An increasingly hectic international schedule has seen Matt racking up enough air-miles for a free trip to the moon, with gigs in Sydney, Panama, Budapest, Seoul, Helsinki, Mexico City, Dubai, Rosario, Bogota, Kazantip, Vilnius - just to name a handful. Since the very first shows Matt has pushed at the cutting edge of the technology revolution that's swept through club culture, taking laptops, new gadgets and studio gear into the booth. 2010 saw the addition of the near mythic Monome controller to the sonic armoury - part track-mangling Ableton controller and part psychedelic light show, lovingly hand built by techno-hippies in the Catskill Mountains. 

Matt + Mac + Monome = Beats + Bleeps = KU Live 

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King Unique
"Some Break - Remixes EP" (microCastle)
"Brakes" (Bedrock)
"Some Break The Shell EP" (microCastle)
"Yohkoh 2014" (Sudbeat)
"Westway" (Bedrock)
"Spikes" (Bedrock)
"2000000 Dubs" (Bedrock)
"2000000 Suns / Feniksas" (Bedrock)
"Hinode" (Curfew)
"Yohkoh" (Curfew)
"To The Left" (Curfew)
"Flashing Lights / Curfew Time" (JBO)
"Lighters / Music Please" (Junior)
"Sugarhigh" (Junior)
"Love Is What You Need" (Defected)
"King Unique EP" (Cactus)
King Unique & Anthony Pappa
"Vamoosh" (Bedrock)
"Zoom In / Zoom Out" (Curfew)
"Dirty" (Junior)
"Black a.m." (Sony)
"Heads Down" (Shaboom)
"Heavyweight EP" (Shaboom)
"Nouveau Coder EP" (Shaboom)
"Mainframe" (Fuju)
"Blue" (Fuju)
Merkins (with Steve Mercer)
"I Sleep In Sellotape / Nesk" (Curfew)
"Dandelion Crush" (Alternative Route)
"Big Booty / Crow" (Junior)
Fatty Acid
"Fatty Acid EP" (Defected)

Mix Albums

King Unique
"Beyond Borders: London" (Armada)
"Electric 02" (Balance)


King Unique
Jeremy Olander - "Shuttle"
Dan Sieg - "They Won't Find You"
Flaunt - "Rave On"
Han Haak – "Redemption"
UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke - "Rabbit In Your Headlights"
Lonya & Mz Sunday Luv - "Judgement Day"
Petrels - "Thangen After Dothe"
Nicolas Agudelo - "Solstice"
Grum - "Sunday Blue Sky"
Robert Babicz - "Turn Around My Friend"
Tilt feat. G-Man - "30 Hits Of Acid"
Javier Portilla & Sotela - "Your Eyes"
Guy J - "Candyland"
Brian Cid - "Sharp Objects"
Madloch - "Walls"
John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Ian O'Donovan - "Dawnbreaker"
Kastis Torrau - "Menace"
Jamie Stevens - "Tribe Of The Disco Kings"
Henry Saiz - "Rave Flute"
Jamie Stevens - "The Wonder Of You"
Pedro Aguiar - "I Don't Want It"
Luke Chable presents Lokii - "Something"
UNKLE feat. Ian Brown - "Reign"
Andre Sobota - "Time"
Luis Junior - "Deep Dip"
Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit - "Radiance"
John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Bilder"
Denis A - "Celestial Rhythm"
Fergie - "PCP"
UNKLE - "The Answer"
Fiord & Tim Richards - "Chatterbox"
Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - "Teleport"
Erphun - "Seenaak"
Cid Inc & Lank - "Our Benefactors"
Triangle - "5 (We've Found It)"
UNKLE - "Heavy Drug"
Dappled Cities - "The Price"
Infusion - "So Soon"
Organicarma - "Awarned"
UNKLE - "Heaven"
Organicarma - "Discordia"
James Talk - "Yucca"
Fergie - "Anon"
King Unique - "Sugarhigh 08"
Junkie XL - "Cities In Dust"
Paolo Mojo - "Paris"
Luke Dzierzek - "Identity"
Tracey Thorn - "Grand Canyon"
Gabriel & Dresden - "Tracking Treasure Down"
Alex Gaudino - "Destination Calabria"
Tim Richards - "Smolder"
John Dahlback - "Late Night Worries"
Style Of Eye - "We Got You"
Teamsters - "Feels Like Love"
Mish Mash - "Speechless"
Suicide Sports Club - "I Don't Know"
Paul Harris - "Guitar 1"
Planet Funk - "Stop Me"
Redanka - "Waves"
The Funky Lowlives - "Sail Into The Sun"
Mylo - "In My Arms"
Infusion - "Girls Can Be Cruel"
Freemasons - "Love On My Mind"
Peace Division - "What Is That Sound?"
Chable & Bonnici - "Ride"
Dirty Vegas - "Walk Into The Sun"
The Killers - "Somebody Told Me"
Planet Funk - "The Switch"
Underworld - "Two Months Off"
Luke Slater - "Nothing At All"
Foremost Poets - "Moonraker"
Baz - "Promises"
Jamiroquai - "You Give Me Something"
Rinocerose - "Le Rock Summer"
Paris & Sharp - "Aphrodite"
Watkins - "Black a.m."
Desert - "Lettin' Ya Mind Go"
Baz - "Believers"
Mutiny - "The Virus"
Mojolators - "Driftin"
Chocolate Puma - "I Wanna Be You"
Eddie Amador - "The Funk"
Sessomatto - "Moody"
Madison Avenue - "Everything You Need"
Hatiras - "Spaced Invader"
Ministers De La Funk - "Believe"
Junior Jack - "My Feelings"
Astrotrax - "The Energy"
TBC - "Something About You"
Dajae - "Time"
Soul Vision - "Don't Stop"
Futureshock - "On My Mind"
Frou Frou - "It's Good To Be In Love"
Frou Frou - "Breathe In"
Frou Frou - "Dumbing Down Of Love"
Télépopmusik - "Breathe"
Eddie Amador - "Holy Spirit"
Eddie Amador - "Rise"
Stylus Trouble - "Sputnik"
Tomy Or Zox - "Music Makes Me Happy"
Merkins (with Steve Mercer)
Satoshi Tomiie & Pete Heller - "Elevate"